Welcome to the home of TeamCS1, creators of Action 69, Crime Syndicate and the Ninkyo Dantai series. We’re a small, but humble, game development team based in Peterborough, United Kingdom. We’re committed to making high-quality games and fun titles. 

Our popular titles including the Flagship Ninkyo Dantai series can both be found on Steam and Itch.io.

Our vision is being inventive, utilising the smallest of details. We like to be ambitious in our approach to improving the industry.

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  • Crime Syndicate Gameplay

TeamCS1 History

TeamCS1 traces its origins back to early 2016 when I began on a programming journey while still a college student. Initially, we delved into the realm of parody, playfully taking on classic and meme-inspired games. Until I found a passion for a particular art form and fell in love with my idea of Ninkyo Dantai.

We’ve learned a lot since then and have now been incorporated in 2023, and working in a cohesive and talented small team, driven by our shared vision.

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